Pet owners choose their pet names either traditionally or by picking one associated with a pet's breed, fur colors, personality traits or unique characteristics. What's interesting about pet names is that many pet owners may name their pet but hardly ever call the pet by that name! Just like the way we attach endearing nicknames to our children and grandchildren, pet owners attach nicknames to pets simply because they love them and consider them a member of the family.

Helpful Tips for Choosing a Pet Name

  • Giving your pet a one or two syllable name makes it easier for pets to recognize when owners call them. Pets respond better to simple names and to names owners use all the time.
  • Dog owners who plan to train their dog to be obedient should avoid names that sound similar to "no," "yes" and "sit." It can make it difficult for dogs to distinguish the difference between their name and a command.
  • Need inspiration? Your pet's breed and heritage may provide insight into what kind of name you want for your pet.

Pet Names and Pop Culture

When searching for popular pet names, you'll no doubt notice a lot of the "top 10 pet names" are associated with the latest movie or song hits. Children love to name their pets after animals starring in the latest Disney or Pixar film. If you're not sure what to name your newest family member, why not ask your kids or neighbor's kids? They'll probably give you more ideas for pet names than you know what to do with!  


1. Adorable 'A' Names

Abby, Angel, Apollo, Annie, Akira, Alaska, and Azura

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