Is there anything better than a birthday where you receive lots of messages of love and support from friends and family? Staying connected and remembering birthdays is easier than ever thanks to e-mail, text messages, and social media. It's a source of joy for a lot of people to watch those notifications pile up on a special birthday. However, if you want your message to stand out of the crowd, you should try something more unique than simply "happy birthday". Try sending one of these unique birthday quotes instead to give your message more meaning.


1. "A New Year is Like a Movie, and You're the Director. Make it a Good One."

This birthday quote is an ideal choice to send to your friend who is a huge movie buff. This empowering quote reminds your friend that a birthday is a great opportunity for new beginnings or even for starting over if that's what it takes. Text this quote along with a still from their favorite movie, or write it in a card and include a pair of movie tickets for a memorable gift.

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