When naming daughters, many parents want to choose the cutest names possible. Some of the sweetest-sounding names for little girls are actually affectionate shortenings of more formal ones. Some parents choose to give a shortened name as their baby's official name on the birth certificate. Others prefer to bestow the full name on their baby and use the shortening day-to-day, giving their daughter the option of using their full name once they reach adulthood if their nickname no longer feels suitable.


1. Betsy

Betsy is an adorable shortening of the traditional girls' name Elizabeth. It is Hebrew in origin and means "pledged to God." Betsy was popular between the 40s and 60s and is once again becoming fashionable. The name also has literary connotations, as characters bearing the moniker (with the spelling Betsey) feature in David Copperfield and The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens. Parents who love the name Betsy may also like the equally cute and lovable name, Betty.

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