Little baby boys are so adorable; it's no wonder that new parents are often looking for the cutest name possible for their little bundle. There are plenty of baby boy names to choose from, whether something traditional or a little more unique fits the bill. Some of the cutest names for baby boys are shortened version of longer, more traditional names. These types are a good choice as they allow parents to use cute nicknames while they're young and their full, grown-up name when they're older.


1. Teddy

What could be cuter than a baby boy named after a cuddly teddy bear? Teddy, or the equally adorable Ted, is usually short for Edward. This Anglo-Saxon name has long been a favorite of royals and means 'wealthy protector.' However, parents may want to follow in the steps of President Teddy Roosevelt and name their son the Greek name Theodore, meaning 'gift from God.'

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