Your hairstyle says a lot about who you are. For men who want to keep their hair neat and orderly while exhibiting their fashion-forward style, the biggest trend is braiding. The idea of men wearing braids is an age-old style. Even our first American president often wore his hair pulled back in a braid. Today, men with long hair can tame their tresses and men with short hair can have the braids they want. The possibilities are limitless.


1. Braided man bun with undercut

This advanced version of the man bun holds your hair in complete control. With the underneath layers shaved closely, the upper layers of braids are pulled back easily into a low casual bun. It requires the skill of a professional stylist, both to provide a precision trim or shave and to create all the free-hanging braids. If your hair is too short, there are many colors and styles of braided extensions available.

This braided style allows you to show your professional side during the day, yet packs a solid fashion punch for nights out. For braids that are versatile and easy to manage, this is a great long-lasting style to try.

Tiny braids with a close undercut creates a youthful, masculine look. PDerrett / Getty Images


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