When you hit your 40s, you likely notice your hair start to change. At this point, you need to start making changes in your hair routine. Small but important changes taken early on can be immensely effective in mitigating the adverse effects that aging has on your hair. Nonetheless, there are still steps you can take later on to curb hair loss as you age.


1. Invest in a natural brush

As you age, your hair becomes thinner and more prone to breakage. The spiky, rigid brush on your vanity only exacerbates this problem. Abandon nylon, plastic, and even ceramic brushes and replace them with something gentle (but not too soft). Natural-bristle brushes are an investment but will stimulate your scalp without encouraging breakage or hair loss. Often made from boar's hair, they are the best option for achieving silky smooth strands with minimal frizz.

Shot of an young woman brushing her hair during her morning beauty routine at home PeopleImages / Getty Images


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