While many tech millionaires and billionaires are famous for quickly earning their fortunes, there is something impressive about a family dynasty. Some of these families started with a refined craft, a solid product, or a winning business idea. Who are the families behind your favorite brands? The household names and hidden empires in food and fashion? While these families may not all contribute to the family business, they certainly benefit from it.


1. The Waltons - $175 billion

When Sam Walton opened his first discount department store in 1950 in Bentonville, Arkansas, he could never have imagined the way he would change the commercial landscape. Today, Walmart is the largest retailer in the world, with revenues of over $500 billion. His children are still running the family business, as well as furthering philanthropic causes through the Walton Family Foundation.

Walmart truck driving on the interstate on a cloudy day


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