Whether you keep your hair length short, medium, or long, there are plenty of gorgeous ways to get it to frame your face perfectly, complement your chosen outfit, and be as flexible and easy to maintain as you want it to be. Short HairShort hair is a practical option for busy women who still want to look chic and feminine. It allows you to keep some girly length without the maintenance that really long hair requires.

Another major advantage of shoulder-length hair is that it gives you plenty of versatility when it comes to hairstyles, whether you want to wear it down or have it up off your face.


1. Blunt With a Side Part

A blunt cut with a slight side parting is one of the most low-maintenance yet stylish ways to cut shoulder-length hair. Blunt ends are ideal for making fine or thin hair appear thick and healthy.

A slight side parting is especially flattering on square and rounder face shapes, as it helps to narrow the appearance of wider cheekbones.

shoulder length blunt side part JohnnyGreig / Getty Images


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