For those of us who live in towns and cities, and spend our days around the strangeness of people, it can be easy to forget that Mother Nature is wild.  Whether it's a case of evolution, adaptation, or just because they were born this way, there are some extraordinary animals, insects, and fish out there. Let's hear it for the oddballs, the weirdos, and the downright strange!


1. Axolotl

Is it a fish? Is it a lizard? The short answer to this is "yes." Also known as the Mexican Walking Fish, the Axolotl is a water-based salamander that was once a primary ingredient in the Aztec diet. Aside from their fish faces and their lizard legs, the Axolotl has been used frequently in science as they can regenerate limbs. Today they are on the critically endangered list, after nearly going extinct in 2010.

Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) from front


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