Product launches are expensive. As a result, one of the earliest steps in the process tends to be market research to make sure that the potential product is viable. Unfortunately, companies can mess this up for a wide range of reasons. Sometimes, they are overconfident, or they make bad assumptions with their market research. Whatever the case, the result is a wide range of product launches that managed to fall flat on their metaphorical faces, which often make for hilarious stories.


1. Harley Davidson Cologne

Harley Davidson cologne isn't quite as insane as it sounds on initial consideration. After all, the motorcycle manufacturer isn't just about selling motorcycles; it is about selling a lifestyle associated with motorcycles. As a result, a considerable chunk of its income comes from Harley Davidson merchandise rather than Harley Davidson motorcycles, which is a great example of a company capitalizing upon the power of its brand. The problem is that cologne isn't exactly what most people would associate with the popular image of a motorcycle-riding out upon the open road. If anything, it is associated with the opposite in their minds, which explains why the Harley Davidson cologne launched in 1990 proved to be such a failure.

Embroidery on the back of a biker jacketHarley Davidson.


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