With so many options available, picking a wedding dress can feel overwhelming; but finding your perfect dress should be exciting, not stressful. To take some of the pressure out of planning for your big day, it can be helpful to start by looking at some of the key styles you need to know about. Do keep in mind that while some designs might be more flattering on certain body shapes, the right dress is the one you fall in love with; at the end of the day, remember to wear what you want. After all, it's your time to shine!


1. A-line

The A-line dress is named after its shape, as the skirt flares out in a shape that resembles the letter A. An A-line dress features a tight, fitted bodice through the waist and a looser, fuller skirt which can be either structured or more flowing. Unlike a ballgown style, the skirt of an A-line dress is only subtly flared, widening gradually from the waist. While the classic shape of the A-line dress makes it a flattering choice for every shape, it's particularly suited to pear shapes, as the A-line of the skirt skims over the hips and the fitted bodice emphasizes curves on the upper half of the body.

A-line wedding dress PeopleImages / Getty Images


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