With many of us being advised to stay at home, the question of how to keep kids entertained during isolation is bound to be on our minds.

It's only natural to wonder how we will make the best of the situation and ensure our children stay educated and entertained as well as safe. The good news is, the possibilities are far more varied and exciting than you might think.


1. Create a Home cinema

Break this fun activity up to keep kids occupied. First, choose the perfect family movie. With the wealth of streaming options available, there's bound to be a film you can all agree on.

Next, let them choose their snacks. You could let them see what they can whip up from the pantry – maybe a batch of delicious brownies or raisin cookies. Popping corn at home is exciting. You could even have little ones pretend to be the ushers - helping everyone to their seats!

Create a cozy home cinema experience evgenyatamanenko / Getty Images


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