It's no secret that what makes a TV show so enjoyable is just how well the characters are written and portrayed, but it doesn't always mean we have to love them. Sometimes, what makes the best shows so good are those characters that get under the skin, and we've developed a hatred for them that we secretly love to enjoy.


1. Ross Geller

Another whiny man-child that we love to hate — Ross Gellar, arguably the most annoying and insufferable of the Friends characters. Ross was a sook, he seemed to always know how to offend women, including that of his fanbase. Not to mention when he cheated on Rachel and then whined about how it wasn’t his fault, which fans never got over (and neither could she).

385848 23: Actors Cole Mitchell Sprouse (Big Daddy) as Ben and David Schwimmer as Ross Geller star in NBC's comedy series "Friends" episode "The One with the Holiday Armadillo." Ross has Ben for the holidays and decides that this season, they will celebrate Chanukah instead of Christmas. (Photo by Warner Bros. Television) Getty Images


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