Top grades in school, a high IQ score, or a career in a complex field are all clear indicators that someone is smart. However, there are also numerous signs of intelligence that aren't always obvious. Sometimes, you need to look a little closer at those around you to determine whether they're truly clever. Albert Einstein, for example, couldn't speak until the age of six, but those who paid attention to his childhood curiosity knew he was destined for greatness.


1. A quiet demeanor

It's easy to make the mistake of believing that quiet people have nothing to say, but in truth, many of the most intelligent people are silent types. Smart people typically like to assess a situation and consider their thoughts carefully before sharing them. Making every response count often means participating less during a conversation, which is why so many savants come across as quiet and reserved. To avoid making incorrect remarks, they may even avoid talking at all if they don't know much about the topic at hand.

Smart woman sitting quietly on public transport Michael Prince / Getty Images


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