Not everyone is blessed with bountiful locks that would make Rapunzel jealous⁠—but that doesn’t mean thin-haired ladies have to throw in the towel. It’s all about illusion. You know how the right lipstick can plump up your pout, and the right mascara can make your peepers pop? The right hairstyle can help you achieve that dramatic oomph you dream of without too much effort. If you’re looking for hairstyles for fine hair that are flattering, not flattening, it turns out your options aren’t so limited after all.


1. Deep side part

One hairstyle to avoid at all costs? The dead-center part. This look completely flattens out fine, thin hair. Instead of parting in the middle, pick a side and form a part three inches away from the center. It might feel a little comb-overish at first, but once your hair settles, it will look noticeably fuller. Piling your hair up on one side gives you lift at the roots and creates the impression of volume.

Deep side part CoffeeAndMilk / Getty Images


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