From snowstorms to summer heatwaves and illnesses to injuries, it seems as if there's always a cause to kick off your shoes and hunker down at home. But some things are easier said than done. Humans are social creatures innately, and after a few days — or even hours — stuck inside, it's easy to forget all the enjoyable things we can do at home. Whether you're waiting for flu symptoms to pass, enjoying paid time off, or settling in with the kids for the winter, there's no reason why staying in can't be the most fun you've had in a long time.


1. Plan a DIY Spa Day

Being stuck at home will tempt almost any adult to catch up on chores, but self-care is just as important. Any staycation should include at least one day for self-pampering, and luckily, you can choose natural ingredients to keep from spending a fortune. Mix a nourishing face mask with oatmeal and milk, or overripe avocados and honey. Use a luxurious scrub made with sugar, olive oil, and coffee grinds to exfoliate your skin. Mayonnaise has long been a staple for hair restoration, while coconut oil has become the new conditioning treatment. The possibilities are endless, so raid your kitchen and get to pampering.

Homemade beauty treatments are effective Milkare / Getty Images


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