If you have ever spent a significant amount of time on the Internet, you know its governed by memes and emojis wrapped in tweets and subreddits. Beneath the data-driven exterior filled with guilt-inducing rituals, there are over 60 Internet rules and laws that hardly anyone talks about, but most people already know or have repeatedly broken. Chances are strong that in your numerous online arguments, you have run into one, two or all of them.


1. Rule 34

The Internet is more cavernous than many imagine. Sure, you can research a topic and leave it at that, but once you realize how much junk the world has forgotten, you understand Rule 34. It says that whatever you think of, there's porn of it. Yes, there is porn of The Simpsons, Calvin & Hobbes (the comic strip) and Tetris. No fetish is too weird to escape the web's red-light district. A 16-year-old British teenager figured that out, proving Rule 57: nothing is sacred.

Rule-34 Internet-rule Iuliia Kanivets / Getty Images


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