From the very beginning of our existence, animals have held a spiritual significance for human beings. Alignments with specific animals exist throughout indigenous cultures, a type of totemism shared within families and clans. In Norse mythology, dogs have a connection with the gods and afterlife, often accompanying their masters to Valhalla. Germanic tribes often chose a bear or wolf as totems, believing they gave strength and ferocity to warriors. Today, spirit animals exist in both the original spiritual context and in a more recreational one, though the traditional and cultural roots of spirit animals should still be honored. Whether you believe in the original concept or not, you may still identify with specific traits of creatures from the natural world. Traditionally, people do not choose a spirit animal. It must choose you.


1. The Butterfly

Symbolizing death and rebirth, the graceful, colorful butterfly designates powerful change, transformation, and purification. It has close ties with the soul and the psyche. Those who seek to rise above earthly matters for more spiritual pursuits may relate to the butterfly. Some people believe that a butterfly's appearance means important changes are on your horizon, either environmental or personal.

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