Working from home has increased in popularity with freelancers and companies investing in cloud-based platforms. However, working from home isn't always easy, and forcing yourself to focus on a difficult task without the help of coworkers or motivation of others can be a struggle. If you struggle with productivity when you're on your own, tips and tricks are available to help you perform better at tasks and get more done during work hours.


1. Define a workspace

In order to avoid the pitfall of distraction, carve out domestic space for work. You need a surface large enough to spread out on, an electrical outlet nearby, good task lighting, and some kind of barrier, like a screen, large plants, or strategically placed furniture to create a bit of privacy. If you can possibly avoid it, don't use the workspace as a recreation or play area, or to serve food. But if that's not possible, make a ritual out of switching your home office back to family use at the end of the workday.

It's important to claim your physical space for working at home. Justin Lewis / Getty Images
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