When we think of expired household products, rotten food and rancid milk usually come to mind. However, many items around the house can go bad with less obvious signs. Some products have expiration dates. Others don't. Know the signs that indicate your household purchases have gone off — using expired products can lead to some serious health problems.


1. Toothpaste

Toothpaste contains fluoride, which keeps tooth enamel healthy, but this chemical degrades over time. Two years after production, toothpaste loses its potency. If the taste or color of your toothpaste starts to change, it could be a sign the active ingredient is breaking down and you need to restock. Old, opened tubes can even develop bacteria. To prevent toothpaste from going bad, always put the cap on, and store it in a cool place, preferably a closed cabinet away from other bathroom germs.

Toothpaste being applied on a toothbrush

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