"Does this look too big?" If you're wearing certain types of clothing, the honest answer to this question may very well be a resounding YES. There's a reason every woman "needs" a little black dress in her wardrobe and not a big metallic muumuu. Whether it's their cut, shape, pattern or even texture, the clothes we wear have the power to either flatter us or make us look fatter. While body positivity is definitely something to be celebrated, knowing what to wear and what to ditch can help us look and feel our best at any size.


1. Too baggy

It's a common misconception that wearing oversized clothing makes people look smaller. Baggy-on-baggy actually adds volume to your entire silhouette, making your body seem much bigger than it actually is.

Instead of wearing a slouchy sweatshirt over wide-leg jeans, try replacing either your top or bottom with a fitted item. Not only will your outfit look more balanced, but you'll feel less sloppy and more confident — even on those dreaded days when you just want to hide under your clothes.

baggy clothes AlexandrBognat / Getty Images


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