There is no doubt that newlyweds often receive staples, like stainless steel cookware and breakfast trays, but taking the time to plan a more meaningful gift is a thoughtful way to celebrate and congratulate the newly-married couple. Coming up with a creative wedding gift idea is a great way to honor the bond between the couple. Plus, it's just plain fun to be different sometimes.


1. Personalized game set

A personalized game set is a gift that's anything but ordinary. It can be a one-of-a-kind source of amusement for years to come. Imagine a personalized monopoly game board where, instead of going to jail, the punishment is sitting in a needless work meeting. You can even replace all of the exotic locations from the original with places that have special meaning for the newlyweds. Of course, there are plenty of options, but one thing is for sure: game night will never be the same.

Happy multiethnic couple in pajamas playing the board game on the floor. African man throws dice and puts the card, reads the dice. Caucasian woman laughs. Carefree morning at home together. Vadim_Key / Getty Images


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