Though many people might think that having too much cheese isn’t an issue, there are times where we simply have more cheese than we can use. Some people believe they can store cheese as long as they need to, but this isn’t always true. Many others wonder if they can freeze their cheese to ensure that they can use it at a later date. Because there are so many different types of cheeses, there isn’t an exact answer to whether or not cheese can be frozen. Notably, how well a cheese handles freezing is dependent on its texture and composition.


1. Good Cheeses for Freezing

In general, cheeses with hard and firm textures handle freezing better than cheeses with softer textures. This includes Parmesan and Romano cheeses, though these flavors of cheese tend to develop a somewhat metallic taste if frozen. Pre-shredded cheeses such as mozzarella for pizzas stand up to freezing reasonably well. Industrially packaged cheeses have less of a quality drop after thawing. Other cheeses that are okay for freezing include cheddar, Gouda, Swiss, Havarti, and feta.

parmesan hard cheese DebbiSmirnoff / Getty Images


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