Some songs are so annoying simply because they are incredibly monotonous. Three chords repeatedly repeated, with the same concept applied to the lyrics, makes one wonder how they ever made it into the public domain. On the other hand, other songs are annoying because the tunes are so catchy, they get set on reply in your mind. Yet others are annoying because you can't stop singing them out loud!


1. Willow Smith - "Whip My Hair"

Repeatedly whipping your hair back and forth is what supplanted actual music and lyrics back in 2010. Monotonous, uninteresting, but with a tune that is surprisingly catchy and simultaneously annoying. In her defense, Willow was really young at the time, which is probably the root cause of this annoying song that just won't stop unless you hit the "off" button, quickly! Until then, I'm whipping my hair back and forth---repeatedly, again, and again!

Jaden & Willow Smith In Concert - Los Angeles, CA Rich Fury / Getty Images


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