Approximately 12 percent of the world's billionaires are women, which goes to show how rarefied that air is. Looking back to times when politics was far more dangerous, women had to be skilled about getting around customs that prevented them from holding so much power, without losing their heads. While things aren't so dire anymore, today's richest women don't sit on their laurels; regardless of whether their wealth is inherited or completely self-won, they are a powerful consortium.


1. Anne Cox Chambers

Prior to her death at age 100, Anne Cox Chambers had a net worth of $16 billion from her family's media empire. Founded in 1898 by James Cox, Cox Enterprises is a private global conglomerate that owns subsidiaries in media, entertainment, communications, and the automotive industry. In 1974, Anne held majority shares in the company. She took over the Atlanta newspapers and chaired the board of directors. Under her tenure, the company bought and sold major names, such as Hearst Publications and Rysher Entertainment.



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