Even those with no background in physics have heard of Albert Einstein. Many have also heard of his most famous equation of E=mc2, although not as many know what it means. Why is Albert Einstein famous? While he was not a celebrity in the modern sense, he was a well-regarded scientist in his day. Does he deserve this long-lasting fame, and does his work impact life in the 21st century? Nearly all historians say that Albert Einstein definitely deserves his fame. In fact, Albert Einstein has probably had more of an impact on humanity than any other person in history.


1. Einstein's Family Background

Albert Einstein was born on March 14th 1879, in what was then the Kingdom of Württemberg, in the German Empire. His parents, Hermann and Pauline, were Jewish but not strict about their faith. His parents had a second child, a daughter called Maria on the 18th of November 1881. Einstein's parents seemed to have a happy marriage, although Hermann struggled to make a successful career and several of his businesses failed. Though he was German-born, he later immigrated to the United States with his wife.



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