A dream is a sequence of images created by the mind when we’re asleep. Dreams can be rational or not, uplifting or disturbing, vivid or vague, perplexing or prophetic. But any psychologist will tell you that attributing spiritual meaning to a figment of your imagination is poppycock. And as fascinating as they are, we simply don’t know where exactly dreams come from, or why it is that we dream. However, there are some things about dreams that we simply can't deny.


1. Why It Feels Real

When people dream, they’re usually not aware of it. Even if a dream makes no sense at all or it’s very disturbing, people will be unable to tell the difference between reality and their imagination. The most plausible explanation for this is that the region of the brain that’s responsible for logical thinking, the prefrontal cortex, is slacking off. This has two consequences. The first is that the dreamer can interact with the dream realm more freely and with less mental effort. The second is that the sequence of events and the scenery itself can be surreal.

why dreams feel real yulkapopkova / Getty Images


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