Almost every dog owner has experienced their dog giving them a big, slobbery lick on the face or hand. Some people love it, others hate it, but it's a nearly universal part of dog ownership. But why does man's best friend seem to enjoy licking humans so much? While the full answer is still a bit of a mystery, canine behaviorists have some pretty good ideas. If you've ever wondered why dogs lick people, read on to discover the answers and learn more about your dog's behavior.


1. Affection

Most people casually refer to licks as kisses, and they're not far off. The primary motivation behind it seems to be a visible sign of affection and trust. Even wolves lick each other as a form of mutual grooming, and licking a new member of the pack is a sure sign that the new wolf has been accepted. Since dogs bond closely with humans, many experts believe they're just transferring the same behavior over to their two-legged family members.

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