The law of segregation first appeared in an academic paper by Gregor Mendel. It is a science model that states gene pairs can and do ignite specific traits in people. The idea of genes signifying the traits a particular person possesses is nothing new. We have long known that everyone gets their characteristics from their parents. Parents can pass their attributes onto their biological children because the genes children get from them are DNA pieces located in their chromosomes.  


1. There Are Different Versions Of Human Genes

Since genes are present in our bodies in different versions, they are known as alleles. The reason why genes are in different versions is that every cell in the human body has double copies of each chromosome. Every allele in the body is recessive or dominant. In the case of a dominant allele, there may be a single copy of it in the body. This is true when it comes to the brown eye gene that many of us possess. With no need for a second allele, one is sufficient to determine someone's eye color. When there are two dominant alleles in one's body co-dominance is the word used to designate this. In this case, both alleles are equally present in the body. This happens when one's blood type is AB, as that is the result of having equal parts of A and B alleles in the human body.

genes law of segregation

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