2. How the IQ is Measured

IQ tests are standardized tests. This means they are conceived in such a way that the most common score is 100 and a majority of people will score very close to 100. But there are several types of accepted IQ tests for English speakers, each with a scale of its own. For instance, there’s the Wechsler Scale, popular in the USA, which comes in two varieties, one for adults and one for children. The adult test is conceived so that two-thirds of adults score 15 points below or above 100, and anyone with a score above 130 is said to be in the top 2% - Mensa material. In Europe, high IQ societies like Mensa use the Stanford-Binet test. There’s also the Culture Fair (Cattell) test, which is conceived in such a way that heritage, language, and background don’t affect the results.

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