The Earth is in a constant state of climate change. Earth has experienced many cycles of global warming and cooling. The warm and cold periods can last from thousands to millions of years.

Right now, many scientists who study environmental sciences believe the climate is warming. The Earth's temperature has increased by one degree Fahrenheit in the last hundred years. This may seem like a very tiny change, but even a tiny change in the climate has huge consequences.


1. Climate Change Cycles

The Earth has experienced seven cycles of glacial advance and retreat over the last 650,000 years. The last ice age ended 7,000 years ago. The current warming period is happening much faster than past changes, and 95% of climate scientists agree that human activity since the mid-20th century is the cause. Weather is the localized climate of any given location, and it changes frequently, and climate is the average long-term weather conditions.

climate change cycles R_Tee / Getty Images


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