Ask any child to draw the sun, and they will scribble a yellow circle. Illustrations in books also show a bright yellow orb to represent our sun. The sun is not yellow. Because the sun is so important, you would expect everybody would know what color it is. However, most people do not. The reason for this is simple - it is dangerous to look at directly. A glance can cause permanent eye damage. To know the color of our sun, we need to understand what it is – a star.


1. The real color of the sun

Our sun is white. The reason why most people do not realize this is because the most of us see the sun from the surface of the Earth, where the air interferes with the wavelengths of light and change the color we see. The visible wavelength of light from the sun is also white, but it can be split into separate parts of the color spectrum by using a prism. This is what happens in a rainbow. The white light coming from the sun changes color due to the interaction with particles and chemicals in our atmosphere making it appear red, orange and yellow.

sun color white science bgfoto / Getty Images


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