As humans, there is a lot we take for granted both on and off our bodies. However, there are two things we take for granted more than anything: our thumbs. We use our thumbs for so much. As children, we suck our thumbs. As we get older, we use our thumbs on our phones, remotes, and when playing video games. We express affirmation with thumbs up and hit the thumb-shaped Like icon on social media. All of this, and yet there’s one question that still springs to mind. Is the thumb a finger?


1. Why do we have thumbs?

Scientists believe that human beings evolved thumbs as a way of defending and providing for themselves. If we didn't have thumbs, our ancestors would have had trouble hunting, fishing, making fires, and inventing the wheel. There is also a theory that our thumbs evolved as either another means of communication or to communicate.

thumb a finger pinstock / Getty Images


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