Gardening has historically been considered a hobby for those with large yards and spacious swaths of land. However, with more and more of the population living in apartments and smaller homes, prospective gardeners have had to make do with whatever space they have to enjoy fragrant flowers and mouth-watering vegetables. If you’re dreaming of your own garden but feel constrained by your living space, don’t worry! There are plenty of space-saving garden ideas to suit every taste.


1. Get Creative With a Trellis

You can purchase a trellis from most home improvement stores and even on sites like Etsy, but making your own as a DIY project is a viable option too. Trellises are perfect for vines and to hang planters from. Branches, bamboo, strips of wood, and landscape stakes can be used as a frame, and a thin twine can be used to construct the individual squares. A one-dimensional trellis can be leaned up against a wall or window for light and act as an interesting accent piece.

Gardening Trellis Space Saving DIY susandaniels / Getty Images


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