Throughout history, purple was a color that the royals and the wealthy kept for themselves. Thankfully, times have changed, and anyone can enjoy this majestic color. Planting purple flowers in a garden is an excellent way to incorporate the color into your life.

True purple flowers are rare in nature, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have trouble finding a selection to choose from if you’re seeking purple blooms for a special occasion or to plant in your garden. Combine purple flowers in a variety of hues, sizes, and shapes to create a visually striking, purple theme. Design an English-style flower display, mixing vibrant purple flowers with various pastel-colored blooms. No matter what colors you choose, purple flowers will provide an opulent focal point.


1. Sea Holly plants have long-lasting blooms

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-ordinary flower choice for your garden, consider the striking, thistle-like, sea holly plant. Its iridescent flowers and silver leaves are mesmerizing. This perennial is perfect for both containers or borders, and it enjoys an extended bloom time through the summer months. As a cut flower, the sea holly stays beautiful for a long time, making it perfect for a bouquet. This plant needs full sun and regular watering, usually once per week, unless the heat is extreme.

purple thistle sea holly Victoria Gardner / Getty Images


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