Gardeners who are short on time or looking to make the most of their purchases often look to perennial flowers as their go-to. Perennial flowers only need to be planted once and can be enjoyed season after season in many climates. These hardy plants last more than three years and are reliably beautiful additions to any landscape. From flowering shrubs to climbing vines, it’s hard to go wrong with perennial flowers.


1. Trollius

Trollius is a beautiful globeflower in the Ranunculaceae family, which is related to buttercups. It produces globular, or spherical, blooms when given the adequate amount of shade. Trollius thrives in wet, boggy soils with part to full shade. It cannot tolerate dry soil, and too much sun will eventually bleach its leaves. Trollius blooms from May to July and cannot thrive in hot temperatures.

Ranunculaceae Trollius Globeflower Perennial Shade Mieszko9 / Getty Images


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