One of the most beautiful indoor plants you can choose is an African violet. Millions of people around the world raise these blooming plants in their homes. Not only do African violets adapt to just about every type of environment, but they are also an intriguing and interesting plant to grow. African violet care isn’t difficult. By understanding a few basic guidelines, you can successfully grow a variety of healthy, vibrant African violets in a wide array of colors, sizes, and leaf types.


1. What are African Violets?

African violets are not true violets. They belong to a species of blooming plants within the Gesneriad family. They are tropical plants that grow in eastern tropical Africa. Today, African violets mostly grow in the mountains of Tanzania and Kenya under the cover of other plants in isolated areas. They risk extinction with increased farming and logging practices that are diminishing their forest habitats. The African violets grown in homes today are mostly clones and hybrids of these tropical species.

african violets blooming onepony / Getty Images


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