Blueberries are beautiful, ornamental plants that can provide buckets of fruit for 30 years or more when looked after correctly. The berries are packed with nutrients and are delicious when eaten directly from the plant or added to baked goods. They are hardy plants that are easy to grow, so even beginner gardeners can soon have a bountiful harvest of fresh berries.


1. Plant Your Blueberries in the Spring or Fall

In most climates, blueberries can be planted in the fall or spring. The occasional frost or snow won't hurt new plants, so if planting in the spring, put them in the ground as early as possible. The plants benefit from spring rains and will have plenty of time to get established before flowering. Although blueberries are hardy, a new plant won't cope with constant snow, so people in a very cold climate shouldn't plant in fall.

Plant in spring or fall baza178 / Getty Images


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