Should you start growing lavender? Plenty of people before you have certainly enjoyed this plant. There are records of lavender being used in Egypt for the mummification process, and ancient Romans used it to scent their soaps.

Lavender is easy to grow, as it does not need much water. It also has plenty of benefits around the house. While it has long been valued for its scent, we now recognize that lavender oils help us relax and sleep easier, and it keeps pests at bay!


1. Lavender's Fragrance Has a Calming Effect

While the quality of a garden is often judged on its visual appeal, lavender is particularly popular for its fragrance. It's not surprising that so many products boast of their lavender scent. While smelling good is certainly a sufficient reason to like lavender, its aroma also provides a calming effect that people appreciate. Lavender in your garden, or inside your home, can help you make your residence a more relaxing place.

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