It's common for dogs to sneeze and it's generally nothing to worry about. Much like humans, dogs sneeze because their nasal passages get irritated, although the irritants are often different. Many dogs can also sneeze when playing. Unlike humans, dogs rarely sneeze due to colds or allergic reactions. Colds are more likely to induce coughing and allergies in dogs tend to show up as skin irritation. Understanding the causes of sneezing can help dog owners keep their dogs healthy and get them to the vet when necessary.


1. What is a Sneeze?

Sneezing is an involuntary contraction that forces air out of the nose. It is a tactic the body uses to stay healthy. The force of the air can expel particles in the nasal passage, which is helpful when those particles are irritants. In dogs, a snort is very similar to a sneeze, except that is is voluntary. A snort is also used to expel foreign objects in the nose, the only difference is that the dog is consciously taking action to cause a snort.

Sneezes Force Air Out olgagorovenko / Getty Images


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