There are few things more adorable than a happy puppy enthusiastically rolling around in the grass. However, this seemingly irrational behavior may have some important evolutionary and behavioral causes behind it that trace back to dogs' wolf ancestors. In other situations, it may be a sign that something is wrong and your dog needs help. The reasons dogs roll in the grass, and other substances are varied, but there are some common causes that most dogs experience at some time in their lives.


1. A Smelly Disguise

Although modern dogs tend to get their meals from a bag of kibble rather than hunting down prey, they still are a predatory species at heart. Some experts believe that rolling in grass, dirt and smelly substances is an instinctive behavior designed to mask their scent as they stalk prey. If the wind carries their scent to the prey animal, the strong smell of fresh grass or even foul-smelling things like feces may confuse the animal and allow the dog to get closer.

White Labradoodle rolling in grass Jovanka_Novakovic / Getty Images


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