Whether it's from playing in the sunshine with your dog, or a vigorous game of fetch, you'll probably have seen your four-legged best friend with their tongue rolling out of their mouths, panting heavily. It's natural to wonder why dogs pant, and whether or not it's a warning sign. First of all, don't panic - in most cases, a panting dog is a sign of a happy, well-exercised dog who is just being themselves. However, there are a couple of warning signs that it's worth watching out for, just in case.


1. Don't Don't Sweat

The way that dogs are designed is inherently different from humans. After all, they're wearing the equivalent of a fur coat all of the time. When it comes to people, after running around on a warm day or exerting ourselves, we're usually sweating, taking off an item of clothing, or looking for a nice cold drink. When it comes to dogs, these are options that they don't have - when a dog is bouncing around, they're essentially working out with a heavy coat on.

dogs don't sweat Tim Graham / Getty Images


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