The sound of a cat meowing will either melt the heart or irritate immensely depending mainly on what type of meow it is. The plaintive cry of a kitten may exert power even over the hardest hearts, while the whaling of a cat on heat will test the patience of a saint. If you've ever heard a cat in distress, you perhaps couldn't help yourself but go and offer a helping hand. It's easy to understand why a cat meows when it wants feeding, but what about at other times? What are cats trying to tell us when they meow?


1. Especially for humans

Interestingly, you won't see an adult cat meow at another cat. They rely on body language, scent, facial expressions to communicate with fellow felines. According to Psychology Today, cats have specifically refined the meow to talk to humans. It's as if they've learned the other techniques of communication they use on fellow cats simply don't work on people, and so have adopted a distinctive sound all for us. For a cat, meowing is a second language.

Meowing - a cat's second language cunfek / Getty Images


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