Dogs are man’s best friend and for good reason. They are loyal, enthusiastic, fun, and wonderful companions. When our best friends have a health condition that threatens that relationship, it is, of course, a cause for concern. Redness in a dog’s eye is not necessarily a serious condition. However, if you notice redness, it is a good sign that your dog needs to visit your local veterinarian for a thorough examination. There are a number of causes for red eye in dogs, many of which are also common to humans, and treating this phenomenon normally is somewhat routine and manageable.


1. Before Booking an Appointment

The most common reason your dog is experiencing redness in his eye is due to inflammation. A veterinarian will need to be consulted, but you can make a rudimentary examination before booking an appointment. Check to see if there is discharge coming from the eye. Pus or mucus could be building up in the corners of the eye or covering the actual lens, in which case your dog will likely be letting you know it is bothering him. Try to remember if your dog has been in any unusual conditions, such as a new climate, a new home, or at a kennel for a stay. All of these will be important during the consultation.

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