Originally bred in the mountains of Germany, the giant schnauzer has been delighting adults and children alike since the breed was first introduced in the 1800s.

At first, the giant schnauzer earned its keep by corralling livestock and guarding farms in rural areas, but the breed quickly became popular in cities. When World War II started, the U.S. Air Force relied on the giant schnauzer to guard trenches and carry messages between troops.

Today, the giant schnauzer is a popular companion animal known for its intelligence and loyalty. Breed enthusiasts also love the giant schnauzer's bushy eyebrows and wiry coat.


1. Appearance

The giant schnauzer is a larger version of the standard schnauzer. While the standard version usually weighs between 31 and 44 pounds and stands 18 to 20 inches tall, the giant schnauzer weighs in at 75 to 95 pounds and can reach a height of 24 to 28 inches.

People love this breed for its unique appearance, which is a result of the fact that the giant schnauzer is meant to have the same length and height. This breeding standard makes the giant schnauzer somewhat "square" in appearance. Inquisitive eyes and prominent eyebrows make this dog appear lively and intelligent.

Dog Giant Schnauzer, pet walking in a summer park


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