When it comes to the excitement of getting a new puppy, there's plenty to consider - do you have the right breed for you and your home, and have you adequately prepared for the latest member of your family? Perhaps most exciting of all is getting to pick your new best friend's name.

Now you could be of the school of thought that believes a dog will be the same no matter the name, or perhaps you feel strongly about having a specific and unique name.


1. The Right Sound

It's important to remember that when it comes to the way that dogs process sound. In general, they will have a much easier time hearing hard consonants (like 'ck' or 'g') and long vowels (like 'ee' or 'oo'). In general, dog trainers recommend a one or two-syllable name, as it's easier for your dog to identify it.

Your dog may come with a pedigree name, which is longer and contains more syllables. If so, it might be worth seeing how you can abbreviate it to make your life a little easier.

litter of puppies GeorgePeters / Getty Images


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