Some dogs are a lot of work. They require weekly trips to the groomers, hours of intense daily physical activity, and a lot of time and energy to train. For people who want to get a dog but are hesitant because of the work involved, there are plenty of low-maintenance breeds out there that only require a long walk once or twice a day and a quick brush every week or so. Low-maintenance breeds come in every shape and size and are sure to appeal to a wide range of dog lovers.


1. Basset Hound

Basset hounds are an adorable low-maintenance breed that does not require much exercise or grooming. These low-energy dogs only need to be walked occasionally for exercise. They are hounds, though, and do enjoy chasing rabbits every so often. After periods of activity, they usually enjoy a long rest. Basset hounds shed a bit and should be brushed weekly. They are generally healthy, but they do like to eat, so owners need to keep a close eye on their weight.

Basset Hound Rest nini / Getty Images

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