While all dogs are good boys and girls, some can be a bit more difficult than others to train. Whether it's sneaking through the fence, barking at the postal carrier, or chewing your pillows, it's no secret that training a dog is difficult. If you're struggling with eradicating bad behavior, don't worry; some breeds just take a little extra time to pick up the basics.


1. Shiba Inu

Shiba Inus are adorable, lovable, and clever. They're also incredibly difficult to train, thanks to their stubbornness and intelligence. Some trainers emphasize the need for positive reinforcements as a way to give your pup incentive to follow your commands. Patience and creativity is key with such a smart breed. Socializing your Shiba Inu from puppyhood will help you train them to be well-adjusted with other dogs

Shiba Inu Train Socialize Clever Amax Photo / Getty Images


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