Although reports show the springer spaniel has existed for more than 2,000 years, it was not until 1812 that an English family developed the first pure line of the breed. This family, the Bougheys, wanted to develop a new breed that would have a curly coat and the Clumber spaniel's strong body. Originally used for sporting, the English springer spaniel quickly became popular; owners started showing their dogs in the early 1900s.


1. Reasons to Adopt a Springer Spaniel

The English springer spaniel is a loyal, loving companion, widely considered a great addition to almost any household. Due to the breeding standards developed in the 1800s, the springer spaniel has a strong desire to spend time with its owner. Therefore, this breed is ideal for families seeking a loyal pet, as well as outdoor enthusiasts who want an energetic dog with a talent for tracking down birds.



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