American bulldogs are stocky, tough looking dogs, but deep down they are an affectionate breed that often think they belong on your lap. Bigger and leaner than their English ancestors, American bulldogs have become a cultural icon in the United States. Their reputation for being tough and tenacious have made them a popular mascot for schools and sports teams, including Yale University. For the right owner, they are a loyal and friendly dog that can fit happily into family life.


1. American Bulldogs at a Glance

There is a lot of variety in the size of American bulldogs. They can grow anywhere from 20-27 inches and weigh between 60-107 pounds. They have a box-like muzzle and pendant shape ears that give them their distinctive appearance. Their sturdy body has a broad chest, strong neck and powerful legs that allow them to jump great heights. American bulldogs come in many colors but are generally all white or white with patches of color.

Distinctive appearance White_bcgrd / Getty Images


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